The Committee members and their responsibilities are set out below.

Deon Kriek
Chairman and other
082 466 0486 Business Sector: Free Energy Living Leadership to the board and to keep the organisation on track toward fulfilling its mission
Community Police Forum
Community Safety
Calitzdorp Expressed
Ward Committee
2 Kevin Taylor
Vice Chair and other
082 469 8143 Tourism-designated Industry: Gasteria Grange Stands in for chair and helps with difficult decisions
Promotion of cultural resources:  Museum, historical route
Calitzdorp Expressed
Cycling Routes
Tour guide
3 Laura Lucas Treasurer   083 564 6522 Friend of the Bureau General financial oversight
4 Heletje Viljoen
Wine Cellars
084 568 8418 Wine Cellars: De Krans Stands in for chair and helps with difficult decisions Additional roles: Promotion of cultural resources:  Museum, historical routeCalitzdorp ExpressedCycling RoutesTour guide
5 Esmé Brink
Marketing and other
067 646 2364 Business Sector: Echovine Communications Marketing and advertising campaigns
Community Involvement (street children)
6 Jessica Fuller Kannaland Representative 071 015 4977 Kannaland Municipality Municipal Matters
7 Michael Foster
Youth Guidance and other  
083 500 7006 Tourism-designated Industry: Thys Huis Roles: Calitzdorp Expressed (Chairman)
Community Involvement (youth projects)
8 Buck Hemenway Promotion of Natural Resources 076 298 7337 Tourism-designated Industry: Calitzdorp Succulent Society Promotion of natural resources:  Vetplantfees
9 Erina Meiring Secretary and other 044 213 3775 Calitzdorp Tourism: Office Manager Secretary
CT Office Manager: Regional Tourism
Tourism Road Signage
Office Management
10 Capt Meyer
082 778 6663 SAPS Crime related matters
11 Charl Ewerts Community and other Previously disadvantaged community Community Involvement: Identifying opportunities and assisting with projects for the previously disadvantaged community.  Working with Municipal Representative for guidance
Other roles: Tour guide